Photography for me has always been about communication. Building bonds and connections between people. No matter if it is the ones in front or the ones behind the camera, or the ones who are looking at the photographs. Photography is about stories, the stories that connect us, the stories we tell ourselves. And in the end stories are journeys into finding out who we are. Stories are our human identity.

I came through this point by being subjected to different cultures and environments from my early childhood. Born in Italy, raised in Germany, traveling the world. I was lucky to grow up bilingual and get to experience different perspectives, different stories. Moving on I built a background in education, again: communication, connecting people with different backgrounds was the core. Then, down a rabbit hole: cognitive psychology, philosophy, literature, art, photography… there we go. Communication, Identity, Stories. Again.

With all I learned, with all the inspiration, I aim to get behind peoples facades. I like to poke at what’s messy, what’s right beyond the edge, get a glimpse of a slice of someones personality, something they usually don’t cary around on display. Not easy at times, ’cause you gotta go there first yourself, confront your own messy self. But in the end, this is where real beauty is to be found, where growth happens, where the best, most heroic, exciting and interesting stories wait, right on the edge between order and chaos.

For now…
I’m beyond grateful and humbled to have been given the opportunity to manage the Leica Gallery in Düsseldorf and to work with some of the most inspiring photographers around, curate exhibitions and probably be in awe half of the time ;-)

I’d love to welcome you there.

I’m not taking any commercial assignments at the moment, photographically I’ll be focussing on some personal projects I’ve had on my mind for quite a while. I’m open to collaborations with non-profits, so please feel free to hit me up if you have any interesting projects floating around your head.

See you around